Wednesday, 10 April 2013


“Two great talkers will not travel far together.” – Spanish Proverb
I was in Sydney for work and the trip was quite eventful, full of non-stop appointments, meetings and working parties. Having just got home, I’ve checked my emails and I think I’ll have an early night tonight. Travelling for work certainly is hard work and the travel part of it quickly loses its mystique!
At least the trip went well and my two travel companions supported me well. Overall success of a work trip makes the travel worthwhile and the discomforts one experiences bearable.

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  1. YES...I hear you. I think travel for work DOES pall after a while, so you need to develop tricks that make trips easier. I asked around at work for peoples' best tips.

    1. Never travel to Sydney or Brisbane in summer if you can help it. The humidity is exhausting.

    2. Have a travel bag set aside solely for business trips. Clean shirt, clean undies, all bathroom supplies, a slim book etc.

    3. Have someone pick you up at Sydney airport. Waiting for a taxi is exhausting.

    4. Avoid buses in Sydney as they feel horrible. Travel only by train or taxi.

    5. Eat lightly and often while you are away. No booze, if you can help it.