Wednesday, 22 January 2014


“Shining through tears, like April suns in showers, that labour to overcome the cloud that loads 'em.” - Thomas Otway

Poetry Jam this week has given us the theme of clouds as a means of stimulating creative literary endeavours. Here is my poem:

Winter Song

The song of parting Winter is a dirge
Murmured by bitter mouths through pursed lips;
The first Spring days mourn, bedecked in black,
Under grey cloudy skies, murky with free flowing tears.

As days dilate, the night is slowly strangled,
Sunlight lingers on palely, lengthening twilight time.
A hesitant warmth pervades the bony leafless twigs
And I can hear the sap begin to flow anew.

The first few flowers blooming snowy white
Adorn the corpse of Winter, deathly cold,
While clouds dark and brooding are loath to go,
With pale petals scattering in persistent drizzles.


  1. This paints a wonderful vivid picture, i love the white corpse of winter, magnificent words. A glimpse into the heart.

  2. Beautiful words and imagery in your poem, Nick! I like the idea of tension as spring approaches. Winter lingers on while the new season slowly arrives. At this point in time, I feel we are yearning for the days to dilate.

  3. I enjoyed thinking about the 'corpse of winter' you mentioned in your poem, Nick. I am hoping that we will be able to mourn winter here very soon. The dark looming clouds here still hang around with a great perseverance. I am waiting for that lengthening twilight you wrote about and for the sap to run again. Spring cannot come soon enough for me. Smiles!

  4. God, what wonderful imagery here ... this is a beautiful piece.

  5. Your photo is spectacular......and the poem is wonderful. I especially love your opening line......

  6. This is so beautifully written, Nicholas. I like the idea of days dilating.

  7. beautiful photo - I really like the darkness with the hint of new growth in the branches on the side. Those first few flowers of spring can't come fast enough!

  8. cool use of language in this. like the days dilating. you def captured the feel of winter...

  9. I feel terrible saying this but I spent all day at the beach today in glorious weather. I am sure it is very beautiful but I could never survive your deathly corpse cold of winter. You
    poem captures the spirit of it very well.

  10. This is an unexpected view of winter and spring--beautiful descriptions! The photo is stunning too.