Wednesday, 25 June 2014


“Do not go gently into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.” - Dylan Thomas

Poetry Jam this week has chosen the following topic: “ALONE! This week I would like everyone to think about “alone”. What does it mean to be alone? How do you feel when you are alone? Is “alone” the same as “lonely”? What do you like to do when you are alone? Reflect on an alone-time you have had in the past.” Here is my contribution:


I wear my solitude like an old shirt,
Faded, almost threadbare,
But still possessing the comfort
Born of long habit.

I taste my solitary ways like a dragée,
Whose sugar coating beguiles
Unwary taste buds, till the
Enclosed almond turns bitter.

Alone, I hear my heart beating
Amplified like raindrops on tin roof,
Or an expert solo drummer,
Executing a cadenza.

My singularity is perfume of violets,
Intense and overwhelming;
But so soon evanescent:
The scented becoming scentless.

Why is loneliness such a dreadful
And unwelcome guest, when
For so long, solitude has been one’s
Most faithful companion?


  1. Luv the paradigm presented and the posed question to end. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. Have a nice Wednesday

    Much love...

  2. This has some really nice images and the photo is excellent with it. Yes, solitude and loneliness are certainly different things. So hard to pinpoint when solitude becomes loneliness.

  3. We may accustom ourselves to solitude and even enjoy it. But when we experience true companionship and a wonderful relationship, being alone after that engenders loneliness. Your poem, I think, is a perfect illustration of this, Nicholas.

  4. solitude can be a wonderful companion...i think the difference is often in the be alone...and to the affliction at times of being those old comfortable shirts as well...

  5. I love it, especially the closing stanza which says it all. I cherish solitude. Wonderfully written!

  6. I just don't like when
    " Alone, I hear my heart beating
    Amplified like raindrops on tin roof..."
    I like the lines, just don't like when it happens!

  7. beautiful imagery in all the stanzas most specially the third amazing poem so visual and intense...

  8. Intense ..... that is the feeling on reading this poem. great writting

  9. Really like this one, Nick! Favorite stanzas are the first and the last. I like thinking of solitude as an 'old shirt' that is very comfortable. And I like thinking about both loneliness and solitude as you described them in the final stanza. Makes me realize that solitude should really never be lonely. It is all a matter of perspective and semantics.

  10. I love the image of the 'old shirt', Nick. Aren't they just the best? I have a few which have become another skin. You made a fine distinction between solitude and loneliness. You wrote yet another great poem!

  11. Wonderful! I love the first and last stanzas, that question at the end is so poignant and so true... Loneliness should always be welcome, but for some reason we all want it away. Thank you for dropping in at my blog and for posting this lovely poem of yours!

  12. Beautiful images: The old shirt, the sweet containing a bitter almond, the drumming of the lonely heart, the fleeting perfume of violets... Wonderful poem about solitude becoming loneliness, catching us unwary.

  13. Being solitary and enjoying it is wonderful, but being alone and lonely is hell on earth. Your words capture this doublet so well. I particularly like the image of the dragee turning from sweet to bitter and the violets losing their fragrance...

  14. "I wear my solitude like an old shirt" Wow! Love where you went with the prompt from Poetry Jam. Good writing!

  15. . Your solitude permeates your poetry. It is your friend and your essence... a necessary part of good writing in my opinion. How do you know about dragees? Are you French/Greek I wonder. All Greeks live in Melbourne and are called Nick , I believe:)
    Could relate to and absolutely loved this one.Also loved the pic. Reminds of a Melbourne winter. Sorry to brag but I am looking at a bright blue sky here in Sydney.

  16. Exquisite poem that encapsulates all good things about being alone and all bad things about being lonely.

  17. Yes why indeed do we dread loneliness when solitude is a friend. I do enjoy my moments of solitude. Brings me peace.

  18. Powerful and intense. I love that intensity of Violets. Excellents

  19. This is beautiful. Your words are lovely, and I like the contrast at the end.