Wednesday, 23 September 2015


“Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” - William Jennings Bryan

The theme for Poets United this week is “Choice”. I have often written poems inspired by the concept of “choice” and I believe most people think about the “what ifs” and the “I wish I had done x instead of y…”. Here is my poem:

The Wrong Choice

My life a wealth of choices offers
And clamouring voices will ring out:
“Choose me, choose me…”

While pondering on the best path to take,
The wild cacophony will confuse:
“Pick me, pick me…”

What should I do, where should I go,
And which will I listen to when they cry:
“Select me, select me…”

The tyranny of endless choice confounds,
The multitude of possibilities will baffle:
“Opt for me, opt for me…”

I look within me and I find the strength
To do what I, and only I, believe is right;
I muster all my confidence and choose
What I think is best and should be done.

And if my choice is wrong,
There is within me determination, courage, resolve
To stop, scrape clean my tablet,
And with hard-won experience,
Go back and this time choose right.


  1. That is the wonderful thing about life - each day brand new to begin again.........whoever thought of that was pretty wise, LOL. I love the philosophy in this poem. The determination, courage and resolve.

  2. Right, right RIGHT! Such a clamor, such a noise in an attempt to cover up that the choice is only ours. And making a choice is more important than knowing the right choice to make. As you say, change is possible.

  3. Excellent. We are bombarded by so many daily choices. Imagine how complex our world is if compared to humans living 300 years ago. And true that so many choices cry out to us, and each has its choose is not easy. But your conclusion is right on! Thankfully, in many cases, if we choose wrong at first we have another chance.

  4. I think that with often make choices without giving it a frame of reference. Without considering the ramifications of it on the rest of our lives. Sometimes if we are lucky we get those second chances

  5. I like having multiple choices – so long as it doesn't leave me floundering and indecisive, lol. You are right, though – we have an inner compass we can learn to trust and use.

  6. If we could wipe the slate clean and choose again...

  7. Endless choices make my brain hurt sometimes. Sometimes, I just like to walk and see where I get to instead--

  8. We learn from poor choices. Agree, we must listen to the voice within us.

  9. being determined to make a choice offers experiences and that in turn gives the chance to make the right the resolute voice here...

  10. Expertly done - choice is perhaps a contradiction - it's not as if we make a choice and a simple answer's like an equation - spreading out into other paths and dilemmas - phew no wonder sometimes we need to sit down and take a little break

  11. Well said, we can always correct our choices.

  12. I muster all my confidence and choose
    What I think is best and should be done.

    So true.. we are faced with multiple choices in life.. and we must strive to opt for those which are best for us.

  13. The privilege of choice is often no more that selecting the least worst option. So once again they not us choose.