Wednesday, 28 October 2015


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” - Confucius

The theme for this week’s Poets United challenge is “animation”. My response to this is the poem below:


Deep in the wet and cold, black earth

A seed sleeps, profoundly, silently.
The sleep of a long, insensate death
A state of quiet, suspended animation.

The days, weeks, months and years pass,

As sun and moon revolve tireless, endlessly.
The seed sleeps, and yet as sure as greening grass
Will grow, the seed awaits life’s creation.

Some hidden internal clock marks time and ticks,

The seed stirs and juices start to flow secretly.
There is awakening: A myriad of chemicals mix
And the seed cracks open with the force of animation.

A common occurrence, a billion times replayed,

But always a wonder, as nature intends, instinctively.
A tiny seed, will live again and sprout forth in a glade
To form a flower, a bush, a tree, in glorious foliation.

What mystery in a tiny, sleeping seed enclosed,

What coexistence of death and life mixed intimately!
What joy to see the seed’s hidden, inner life exposed,
What evidence of a divine purpose and the power of animation!


  1. What a marvelous poem! I love the rhymes you've used and the recurring adverbs. How well your poem captures the everyday wonder of life being reborn from a "dead" seed!

  2. Call it a miracle or science..either way it's wonderful...lovely to think of the fluttering leaves as animated seeds.

  3. Latent power, suspended animation--when the movement into life occurs a mystery is realized. What animates it? You have captured the wonder, the marvel of the beginnings of life.

  4. Yes, life and death together in the mystery of a seed growing - a much repeated wonder.i

  5. Yes,I agree a miracle and evidence of a Divine purpose.How tragic not to be able to see and understand the wonder and significance of this poem....
    Richard Dawkins who spends his entire life trying to convince millions of people that what they see and feel is actually not true would be one. Thought provoking work.

  6. Nature is miraculous and enduring - almost made me think of the seed of thought which - on a good day - can be similar - a wise and wonderfully written poem

  7. Beautifully written Nicholas. It's so marvelous to focus on the simplicity/complexity/mystery of life and death.

  8. Nature is full of wonderful mysteries that lie unexposed :D a magnificent poem :D

  9. It really is a miracle, isn't it? How something not alive can become, through some miraculous means, alive....animated...a living and thriving being. Really enjoyed this poem, Nick!