Wednesday, 10 February 2016


“And you left your mark on me... With the destruction of us, finally, we became no one.” ― Nadège Richards

This week, PoetsUnited has as its Midweek Motif, “The Inanimate & The Non-Human”. We humans are so anthropocentric that it is seldom that we do not imbue the inanimate and non-human with human qualities… Here is my poem:

Your Door

When I loved you, I loved you so
That even your door, shut as it was,
Was a thing beloved.
When I loved you, I loved you so
That I had to spend each night outside your window,
Until you turned off your light.
When I loved you, I loved you so
That tears would flow from my eyes,
Whenever I but thought of you.

Now so much time has passed,
That your door, even though open wide,
For me has no appeal.
Now so many things have come between us,
That even though your light burns all night,
I would not even know it.
Now so much has my heart hardened,
That the tears that you may shed for me
Are but scattered raindrops in a parched desert.


  1. Like the use of the door as the inanimate object in this love turned sour revenge poem. Has a definite touch of Les Liaisons Dangereux about it, presenting that perverse streak of only wanting something that is out of reach which la Clos explores so brillantly.You're wearing a very french hat this week:)...a tour de force...Chapeau !

  2. a very moving poem to the inanimate - hearts can harden as hard and closed as a door

  3. Wow, this a powerful metaphor, hearts slowly closing like doors. It makes me feel very sad. Very powerful writing, Nicholas.

  4. I agree, this is truly powerful in its tone and verse.

    Lots of love,

  5. Sometimes after a while one just doesn't care any more. Enough tears have been shed, and it is now time to move on! The door to one's heart is closed.

  6. Very poignant and moving. Beautifully written :)

  7. There is no harsher symbol of rejection that a closed door. How beautifully you told this tale of love turning sour by rejection.

  8. Nicholas,

    I'm fascinated by doors, both open and closed. While travelling away from home I take as many photographs as possible, of interesting doors and doorways..
    I liked the tone and the sentiment of your poem very much.
    I understand the feeling of being rejected and standing outside a firmly closed door. I was that person on the doorstep, several times. It leaves a long lingering memory..

  9. Hi Nicholas, this was sweet to read and sad. I felt teary-eyed because of the storyline in it.

  10. "That even your door, shut as it was, / Was a thing beloved."'s golden touch...when love is taken for granted....heart hardens & the price is paid in tears...a nice take on the prompt...

  11. You can push people so far that the heart does indeed many fine lines in this poem all filtering back to the quote which echoes so loudly..

  12. Rejection leaves it's mark. This was sad, but beautifully written evoking those feelings of loss, all too familiar. Nice work Nicholas.

  13. Alot of symbolism in your poem. I love the door so many things it hides just behind it.