Wednesday, 30 March 2016


“Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.” - Booth Tarkington

This week PoetsUnited has as its theme “Ninety”. Here is my contribution:


You turned ninety last month
And I can see it in your eyes –
Rheumy and glaucous blue
Revealing all.

The years weigh heavily on your back
And I can see it in your heavy step –
Your tottering gait
So limiting…

You turned ninety last winter
And I can see it in your hair –
White, thinned, still soft,
Like snow.

The years have not been kind to you
And I can see it in your skin –
Translucent yellow parchment,
Where all is written.

Ninety years, a thousand months and more,
And I can see it in your wrinkles –
Each tells a story, sadness mixed with laughter,
It’s been a full life.

And when you speak to me, I listen:
The voice of the last century, still strong and loud;
And when you touch me, I feel:
Your heartbeat, propelling blood we share;
And in my embrace, your frail body trembles:
Your love unchanged, still burning undiminished,
Inextinguishable, a beacon for eternity,
Deriding death…


  1. Cherish the ancient ones

    Happy Wednesday

    Much love...

  2. WOW! What we see and hear and touch in the bodies and spirits of our aged and aging is strong! Beautiful!

  3. This is absolutely amazing...!!

  4. What a wonderful tribute......a description so vivid I could see and almost feel it all. I love the quote about memories being a pillow for old age. That is a good one! Love the photo, too. A wonderful read, Nicholas.

  5. What a great picture you paint of this ninety year old holding on to the past and to you.

  6. Beautiful, Nicholas. You carried the thread of this perfectly woven throughout.

  7. This is a sweet and tender poem Nicholas. Reminds me of my aged loved ones and those who've already left.

  8. Mind blowing verse...I was afraid to imagine myself at that age.
    I want to die early....without all that pain of living Ninety years
    its really incredible to live up to that age1

  9. ah...this is so beautiful Nick...ninety is a bridge between past and present...may we all cherish such presence...

  10. Old age is not easy - in some ways perhaps it is an effort of both mind and body - and that hug seems to say that the soul bears the weight and carries the essence of our being..and if we are very lucky..passes it through the generations - i always love how your quotes enhance your poems too..

  11. A tender poem eliciting your intrinsic kindness.

  12. Poignant and beautiful Nicholas!

  13. This is a beautiful testament to an aging parent ... perhaps gone soon, but remaining firmly in mind and heart. Well done ...

  14. Beautifully brought out the theme.

  15. Followed your link "" to read the nice and well informed article...thanks for the link, Nick....