Monday, 18 July 2016


“Television isn’t inherently good or bad. You go to a bookstore, there are how many thousands of books, but how many of those do you want? Five? Television’s the same way. If you’re going to show people stuff, television is the way to go. Words and pictures show things.” - Bill Nye

I have been rather busy lately and haven’t had a chance to watch a movie. What time we have available to watch TV, we generally spend on catching the news and/or a current affairs program and then we continue watching the TV series I wrote about last Monday (I promise I will review that as soon as we finish watching it).

In the meantime, it’s interesting to ask readers here something that has intrigued me a little. When we visited an acquaintance’s house the other day, the TV was playing in the background while we were there. This was something completely bizarre for us, because as soon as our visitors ring our doorbell the TV goes off and stays off if we had been watching. However, these people had it playing in the background while we were desperately trying to have a conversation. When I said something to the effect of turning the TV off, I was told that their TV was on all day “just in case something interesting came up or if there was a news flash about anything”. At least I managed to convince them to turn the sound down…

I think I would go crazy if the TV was on in the background all the time. Our TV viewing tends to be planned and limited to certain times of the day or evening. The rest of the time it is turned off – completely off! Even if it’s on, I find that the commercial stations are quite annoying and the advertisements really grate on my nerves. I may be getting old and crotchety and less forgiving of various things, but the TV advertisement seem to be exploring new depths of bathos, nowadays. That’s why we tend to watch the state-run channel, which as well as no advertisements seems to have better programming too.

So I ask, do you have the TV on all the time when you are home or do you plan your TV viewing around the programs you want to watch?

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