Thursday, 28 August 2008


“Nothing can cure the Soul but the Senses, just as nothing can cure the Senses but the Soul” - Oscar Wilde

I am in Brisbane once again for work and it has been a day of activity. From the time I woke up at 4:30 am, through to catching an early flight up to Brisbane, then a full day of meetings and staff interviews, through to a social activity for staff and then dinner with my boss, it’s been a non-stop energizing and adrenaline packed day. I am just beginning to wind down now and at nearly 11:00 pm, going to bed looks good…

The view from my hotel is a picture of quietude, much similar to the picture above. Which brings us to the word of the day:

quietude |ˈkwīəˌt(y)oōd| noun
a state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a person or place.
ORIGIN late 16th century: from French quiétude or medieval Latin quietudo, from Latin quietus ‘quiet.’

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