Saturday, 22 August 2009


“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” - Elwyn Brooks White

This morning I had been invited to give a presentation to the Victorian Society for Nuclear Medicine and therefore I woke up early as it was an 8:30 am start. The presentation went very well and the 150 or so attendees seemed to enjoy it quite a great deal. In fact I was asked to come back and address the meeting once again in the future. I enjoyed it also and it highlighted for me that I miss teaching and lecturing a little ever since I started my new job 18 months ago. It is quite an experience being in front of a room of people whose undivided attention you have (and you have to keep) for an hour and a quarter, while at the same time trying to teach them something.

I then went home before going out again at lunchtime as I had been invited to attend the football match between Carlton and Melbourne at Etihad Stadium in the City. Seeing football (and other spectator sports) is not my idea of having fun on a Saturday afternoon, but the football was only an excuse for more serious business. The meeting was in the corporate box of one of the Institutes that we are negotiating with about various agreements and collaborative projects and the discussions were quite successful. We had a nice lunch, we watched the game on and off, laughed a little and talked on and off about the matter at hand regarding the agreements. Quite a good way of doing business. Incidentally, Carlton thrashed Melbourne and is well on its way to being in the finals.

This evening there was another outing, but was this strictly for pleasure, and that was what made the day worthwhile…

And for Song Saturday, a French song by the very talented and sultry Patricia Kaas, “Mon Mec à Moi”.


  1. Wow, what a voice! I like the ending of your day very much.

    I'm curious about a society that has both Victorian and Nuclear Medicine in its name and what sort of a paper you would present for such a group.

  2. Hi Bekkieann, Victorian because it relates to the state of Victoria where I live, not Victorian as of the era of Queen Victoria...
    I presented a paper on lung disease, as was relevant to nuclear medicine practitioners.

  3. I rather fancy a ride on that that would make for a pleasant Saturday...

  4. Ah, that makes much more sense. And now I'm extremely impressed on your successful presentation. Kudos.

  5. Congratulations on your successful paper presentation. Sounds as though you were very busy this weekend!
    Gorgeous song and voice!!!! Must hear some more of this woman's songs!

  6. I like French songs even if dont understand it. It just sounds so sexy! Singer is very good.