Tuesday, 27 April 2010


“Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict.” - Rabindranath Tagore

April in the Antipodes is such a contrary month that sometimes grates against the Spring of my northern hemisphere psyche, and sometimes resonates deep within my adopted southern existence. April the smiling month of northern climes, weeps autumnal tears in southern latitudes. A battling duality draws my heart out into a thin string that elongates and threatens to break, only to fold in upon itself again and again, and quickly spin into a multi-ply thread. April for me personally carries with it lots of memories both unpleasant and pleasant. It encloses within it many anniversaries, both agreeable and disagreeable. Its northern-southern contrast encloses within it good and bad, smiles and frowns, pleasure and pain…

Here is poem freshly written, as the full moon graces our sky which today was at times laden with leaden clouds full of rain, and other times cleared to allow autumnal sun to shine through.

April’s Full Moon

The end of April soon to come
And Autumn ripens like a juicy plum,
While moon fills, calm and silver,
The night cold, bright quicksilver.
I loved you, lost you, now all but forgotten.

The end of April is so sweet
As memories, of foot so fleet,
That run by and disappear too quick –
Candle all burnt out with black wick.
I gave my heart, and lost it; as an apple rotten.

The end of April, once again
Entices, binds with golden chain.
The moon gazes on, dispassionate
While dark of night, once passionate
Now makes me feel the weight of my years.

The end of April covers, seals,
And ultimately time passing, heals.
From apple seed, from rotting fruit
A new tree sprouts, takes root;
My heart regenerates, and love again dries tears.

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  1. This hemisphere thing threw me for a moment. Your April and our September.

    A re-read without geographical blinders was called for. Beautiful.

  2. Dear Nicholas,
    Your introduction to this poem is almost as poetic as what follows. Our human nature is a mixture of conflicting dualities, which balance and mix. Our equilibrium can be upset and we may slip into the white or the black by a number of events or other factors.
    I loved the rhyme and rhythm of your poem and the wonderful feeling of hope and optimism in the last verse!