Friday, 18 June 2010


“You can say this for ready-mixes - the next generation isn't going to have any trouble making pies exactly like mother used to make.” - Earl Wilson

Today, I’ve had a very full day of hard work, but I am very satisfied as I achieved quite a lot. I worked on several projects at once and had to deal with some emergencies whereby I helped some colleagues get out of potentially messy situations. It’s always good when one can rescue someone who is feeling rather frazzled. Often in situations like that, all that is needed is looking at the matter with fresh eyes and a solution is apparent to the person viewing the problem from a different perspective.

The weather has been wintry and cold and as I was coming home in the train today it started to rain. It was already dark and when one starts work early and finishes late in winter, it’s really hard to realise that the day has been and gone... Especially so, if one sits at one’s desk inside the building and doesn’t venture out…

Seeing it’s winter, another traditional, sweet and warming recipe tonight. Comfort food time again!

•    10 sticks of rhubarb
•    4 tbsp water
•    8 tbsp caster sugar
•    1 tsp powdered ginger
•    110g butter, softened
•    110g demerara sugar
•    180-200g flour
•    Double cream to serve with

1) Preheat the oven to 180C
2) Cut the rhubarb into 7½cm long sticks and place on an oven tray, sprinkle with the water and caster sugar and roast in the oven for 10 minutes.
3) Once cooked, remove from the oven, sprinkle over the ginger and mix well.
4) Fill an ovenproof dish about 4cm deep with the rhubarb.
5) Rub the butter into the flour and sugar to make the crumble topping. Sprinkle over the rhubarb and bake in the oven for 35-45 minutes, or until the crumble topping is crisp and golden-brown and the rhubarb filling has softened and is bubbling.
6) Remove and allow to cool slightly before serving with double cream.


  1. I love rhubarb crumble!! My parents grew rhubarb in the garden when we were childern and my mum still makes a delicious rhubarb crumble regularly for the family when we visit..

    I haven't yet tried to make it myself, and judging from any previous attempts at baking things, I doubt whether mine would turn out as tasty as mums, lol.

    I agree that looking at a problem with fresh eyes, or from a new perspective can often help solve a problem.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Oh Nic! I love this specially when there's strawberries in it as well!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. "the day has been and gone'
    no no no, just the daylight has gone (by 5pm in June), but there is 7 hours remaining, and some of the best writing was done by candle-light.

  4. rhubarb crumble probably goes well with a VB ...