Wednesday, 26 June 2013


“There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.” - Aeschylus
Magpie Tales has provided us with a photograph, “University of Michigan fraternity party” by Stanley Kubrick for “Look” magazine. This is the springboard for several creative endeavours that followers of her blog embark on. Here is mine:

This Moment

This moment will be the moment
That will be sweet remembrance,
As the years pass, and we shall be reminiscing.

The acrid smell of a lighter just struck,
And the billows of aromatic smoke,
As burning menthol of cigarette just lit, sublimates.

The glow of your moist eyes
Illuminated by the flame of love,
Or is it lust, perhaps, or maybe just pure desire?

The song that was playing,
Just before it became “our song”,
Will remain forever special, even beyond our separation.

This moment is the moment
That right now makes time elastic
The moment lasting forever, only because we wish it so.

The warmth of your body,
Because of its nearness, or is it mine?
Or perhaps the fire burning, crackling in the fireplace?

The sound of voices,
Uttering sweet susurrations
That vocalise our innermost thoughts and desires…

That moment was the moment
That we remember now,
Complete in every one of its myriad of details.

The moment has been the moment
That defined us and our separate lives;
A photograph just found, less accurate than our sweet memories.


  1. It's funny how a photo can take one right back to an event, but our memories are much richer than the image because they are so sensory and all-encompassing! This is a very nice response to the prompt!

  2. I was quite touched by the 'our song' verse. Funny how it really does follow you.

  3. Lovely poem, evoking the nostalgia of the old photo. How true of first love...

  4. Photograph less accurate than the memories...oh I like that...