Wednesday, 27 November 2013


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” - John F. Kennedy

For Poetry Jam this week, Laurie would like participants to make a gratitude list with at least 12 items. Then the list should be used to create a poem. The catch is that any form of the words “grateful, gratitude, thankful or thankfulness” cannot be used in the piece composed.

I have recently have had to be especially grateful to all my family for their support and love – especially so to my mother, who has always been my rock and my support in all of the vicissitudes of my life. My list of twelve things to be grateful for are:
1)    Mother
2)    Partner
3)    Family
4)    Home
5)    Work
6)    Country
7)    Education
8)    Affluence
9)    Friends
10) Music
11) Books
12) Nature

My Mother


My mother is what I am made of –
Her blood has nourished me,
Her breath awakened mine.
My mother is the soil I have sprung from –
Her flesh begat my own,
Her heart still beats in syntony with mine.

Mother, I speak your tongue,
I think in ways that you have taught me,
I love as you have loved,
I speak with words I’ve heard you using.

My mother wanes that I may wax,
Her gentle quietude, my own advantage;
Her touch forever light, caressing.
My mother loves, most constantly
Her thoughts to me ever running,
Her words a song, a sweet consoling.

Mother, I take all you give,
I cherish all your caring,
I accept your nurture kindly,
I rejoice in your constant presence.

The painting above, 'Hawaiian Mother and Child' 1920, is by Charles W. Bartlett, (watercolour and pastel on art board).

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to a woman who sounds like the essence of selfless motherhood. Beautifully expressed.

  2. A perfect poem for the most important member of our family

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Nicholas!

  4. beautifully written and very clever.

  5. where would we be without our mothers and all they have done for us...and meant to our wife lost her mother about 8 years ago, in living through that with her, i understand this all the more.

  6. good write; poem and image team up well

    much love...

  7. Wow what a wonderful tribute to your mother. I would be so honored to have one of my kids write something like this for me. Beautiful.

  8. ... as I read your beautiful words, thoughts and memories of my mother drifted to the surface. I miss her so. Thank you for writing this ...

  9. I really thought this was a wonderful write. Mothers are so special, and you have written a beautiful tribute to all that a mother is! I liked the picture that you wrote to as well...I am a great fan of Hawaii!

  10. and aren't you wonderful to write this for your Mother!

  11. How very sweet of you to write about your Mother and to appreciate her! I'm sure she must be very proud of you and honored to have this poem written to her!