Wednesday, 13 November 2013


“We have one life; it soon will be past; what we do for God is all that will last.” - Muhammad Ali
Poetry Jam this week has set a challenge concentrating on “the last”. All things have an end, and for each thing there must be a last one. How more so for the one last day we live, surely that is ultimate finality… Here is my offering:
“I've lived a good life,” said he to me,
“I've loved and hated, worked and played.
I've lived a full life,” he confessed,
“I've left only few things untried.
Experiences varied, broad I have collected,
All those I've met I've not regretted.”
“I look at death before me, now,” he told me,
“I like the purposefulness in his stony gaze.
I lean towards him with my hands outstretched,” he said,
“I long to live through this, my ultimate encounter;
My mind replete with images and sound
Will welcome this last meeting, sure to astound.”
“I tell you, don't be sad,” he said to me,
“I think this is a journey that will thrill me.
I tremble with excitement, not with dread,
I taste sweet wine, not bitter gall nor poison.
My heart is restful,” softly, he sighed,
“My soul is free…” he said to me - and died.


  1. Facing death with grace and dignity, a sense of wonder .... Your poem inspires.

  2. This is very moving. It is definitely not easy to be with someone when they die, but it also can be a gift to be there and hear the dying person's last words. The feeling that the soul is free must be a wonderful one!

  3. Yes dying is certainly the last of something--but the beginning of something else. Excellent and thank you for posting this.

  4. Sad and thought provoking, a moment that faces us all.

  5. I don't like to think what that last moment will be like, but perhaps it will be with the peace like you have written so well.