Tuesday, 12 November 2013


“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” - Carl Sandburg

An Edgar Degas photograph, “Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle” has been provided by Magpie Tales to function as the creative spark for all who will take up her challenge. Here is my offering, with a slightly modified image (with apologies to Monsieur Degas!).

To Dance

To dance, her limber body
And her supple limbs, prepare;
The rhythm now part of her,
The melody like blood running in her veins.

Her feet, accustomed as they are
To practiced movement,
Step through their paces
With the ease familiarity brings.

And as the final preparation
Before the closed curtain is made,
Adrenalin rushes forth,
Like a fountain, firing up her every cell.

The music starts, the curtain parts,
And her body begins its own song:
A counterpoint of motion, adding
A new line of melody to the orchestral strains.

Each fibre, finely tuned, each muscle taut,
Each sinew stretching tight;
Herculean efforts made to seem effortless
As she pirouettes, and jumps, and nimbly dances.

The dancer manufactures her new world,
Her body a magic wand transforming sound
Into movement, and music into graceful gesture;
To dance, and make of flesh and bone, gossamer.


  1. I like it lots.....nicely done

  2. I like it lots.....nicely done

  3. I like the notion of her body being a magic wand...lovely...

  4. A beautiful poem that captures the essence of the dance!

  5. You had me at gossamer, still fluttering, even now! Lovely piece.