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“Underneath our nice, friendly façades there is great unease. If I were to scratch below the surface of anyone I would find fear, pain, and anxiety running amok. We all have ways to cover them up. We overeat, over-drink, overwork; we watch too much television.” - Joko Beck

After the excesses of the Christmas dinner table, it is good to have something light to eat in order to give your stomach a chance to recover. Here is such a dish, which nevertheless is quite filling and tasty. It is also one that can be whipped up in a hurry from ingredients that can be stored in your pantry (tinned stuff) and freezer (seafood highlighter, shelled prawns), making it the perfect dish to serve to unexpected visitors who turn up and decide to stay to lunch or dinner… Serve with fresh, crusty bread (or even crackers), some sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, and wash down with some bubbly.


45 g tin of anchovy fillets in olive oil
185 g tin of tuna chunks in olive oil
170 g tin of shredded crab meat in brine
250 g thawed seafood highlighter (formed seafood chunks), sliced thinly
150 g thawed, shelled, cooked prawns, deveined and chopped finely
2 tbsp baby capers
2 tbsp chopped dill baby gherkins (cornichons) – buy Polish ones, which are not sweet
Juice of a lime
1 tbsp olive oil
Ground white pepper and salt, to taste
A little chopped dill, to taste
300 g Thomy Mayonnaise Delikatess (easily the best mayonnaise in a jar, with the least sugar! We use home-made mayonnaise that has zero sugar in it, but Thomy is good at a pinch)


Open all tins and prepare the contents by draining well and chopping up. In a large bowl shred the tuna chunks and add the chopped anchovy fillets. Mix well.
Add the well-drained crab meat chunks, the chopped seafood highlighter and chopped prawns. Mix well.
Add the capers, chopped cornichons, lime juice, olive oil, dill and seasonings, mixing well.
Fold in the mayonnaise, using a little more or less so that it binds all the ingredients together.
Chill for about 30 minutes and serve.

The success of the salad depends on using ingredients that contain no added sugar. Most mayonnaise in a jar is sickly sweet, as are the dill gherkins. The sweet taste combined with the seafood can ruin the salad, which should be slightly tart, savoury and pleasantly peppery, not hot.

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