Tuesday, 2 December 2014


“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” - Dolly Parton

Poetry Jam this week has as its theme the topic of “hands” with the instruction:
“Let your hands inspire you to write something POSITIVE. Absolutely no violence allowed. Then go out and use your hands to lift others up through comments on their blogs!”

Here is my contribution:

The Rendezvous

The rain fell all night long,
And gray dawn was wet
Making of the streets, steel mirrors,
And of the gutters, rivulets.

As raindrops fell and fell
I feared you wouldn’t come;
As clock hands crawled
And dark eddies swirled in my mind.

The street deserted, all taking cover,
Even the cars sparse, on the road;
I watch and wait, mindful of the rain
Saturating me to the core.

As raindrops fall and fall
I fear you will not come;
As clock hands stop
And frozen rain covers my heart.

A lone umbrella in the distance,
Approaching, and a familiar footstep
Making me watch alert,
The dawning sun of expectation
Lighting my darkness.

As raindrops vanish in mid-fall,
I clasp you to my breast and we kiss;
Our hands intertwined,
The umbrella now redundant,
As our love shields us from all outside.


  1. WOW...what a picture perfect lines....made me nostalgic!
    Rain and beloved ....you cant ask for more!

  2. have a good Wednesday; your poem sings a happy tune of waiting. nice romantic mood

    much love...

  3. Gorgeous poem, Nicholas! I love the way you have painted the scene with the disappointment of the first few stanzas changing to ecstasy as the lover arrives. I also liked the reference to the hands of the clock grinding to a halt as time slows when the lover is not there and then the hands of the two lovers intertwining...

  4. smiles....very nice...love the anx of anticipation i feel...hoping she comes and the relief when she finally does....great descriptions, like of the streets there in the beginning...

  5. Enjoyed the scene you have set, the expectation, and then the kiss and hands entwined! Nicely penned, Nick.

  6. powerfully written i can taste the expectation and the relief.

  7. How sweet and romantic ~ Glad that the rendezvous turned out to be a good one ~

  8. Lovely painting of a moment of expectation, doubt and reward!

  9. Sweet moment and anticipation of date.....so romantic...ah x

  10. Beautifully written, lovely thoughts in the contrasting halves.

  11. I like the way you built your poem, Nick, and how romantic it is.

  12. Nicholas,

    A true Parisian scene, painted with the colours of emotion and weather, noted in your poem...Loved the hands of the clock, tempting the waiting and the longing...


  13. Beautiful indeed! Loved the situation you have created with the weather and the emotions.

  14. Emotions captured in lines are beautiful, and wait shall be fruitful.

  15. Ah, and they are left singing in the rain! Loved the repeat with changes in tense.

  16. Soooo nice. I do know about not feeling the rain

  17. ah..the rain and waiting always goes well...it in itself is like a ;ove story..

  18. so very romantic ... and it captures perfectly the anticipation of a lover waiting ... waiting.