Wednesday, 1 July 2015


“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” - Voltaire

This week, Poets United has as its theme “Freedom”. No doubt, this has been inspired by the proximity of Independence Day on July 4th. Happy 4th of July to all US readers!

My poem today is either ironic (especially given the events in Greece), or just another love poem… You pick what you like!

The Pain of Freedom

Come hither enslave me,
Once again bind me
Save me from all the pain of freedom,
The dreaded spectre of alternative,
The cackling hag of free choice.
I’ll follow blindly your instruction
Speak, and your command will be obeyed.
My will a leaf that flutters
In the strong gusts of your whims and fancies.

Without you what am I?
What can I do?
How can I feel without your presence?
Without your hand to guide me,
How can I tell the why, how and wherefore?
Come hither once again
And free me from the pain of choice
The agonies of independence.


  1. This is a profound & timely piece. Well penned!

  2. Yes, the freedom of choice is its own slave. Very well executed.

  3. I LOVE "the cackling hag of free choice"!!!! And the plea to "free me from the pain of choice / The agonies of independence". Love your take on the prompt!!!!!

  4. I can read it both ways. You have quite brilliantly portrayed and personified the pain of freedom--the responsibility inherent in being without borders. Countries need to deal with a both/and relationship to be respected by other nations. How can anyone give up a hard earned freedom? As a love poem/song--I have heard it too often from both men and women. I like the stability of commitment, though, if it includes freedom and independence..

  5. ha...sometimes my mind speaks in the language of your second stanza, specially when it's burdened with too much responsibility and of course it talks to my husband like that...a layered poem Nick...

  6. Making the choice is really such a pain. Profound words.

  7. Agonies of independence! Great take on the prompt!

  8. I like this. You have shown the other side of freedom. It is much easier perhaps to have someone to always tell us what to do than to have that freedom of free choice. Your poem shows this very well. A unique perspective which makes the reader think. Bravo.

  9. Hmmm, it is certainly easier to be a slave than to fight for your freedom. I think that this poem can be interpreted in so many ways, like you say. It certainly made me think and that is enough to make it a good poem...

  10. Sadly I can remember the choice of having what is offered or going without. Perhaps were are too soft now.

  11. The pain of Greece being told their options don't work, having the freedoms they want without the obligations or having the obligations without the freedom, which is it I wonder.

  12. I love the opening quote..i love the question...perhaps many love poems are ironic...freedom is both a blessing and a curse and if we are honest we would rather be free in company than alone...god knows what we can get up to in those circumstances!

  13. You've captured the ironies of freedom and captivity with aplomb!

  14. rather than love I feel someone saying goodbye to a freedom that while enjoyed is too hard to uphold, I hope we never see this in our life time.

  15. I guess the cackling hag of free choice has inspired an oxi vote. I hope the Greek diaspora and the rest of the world will be supportive of Greece through this crisis.