Wednesday, 19 December 2007


"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell." - Joan Crawford

To love is to be fortunate; to be beloved is a rare treat. To love and to be loved in return is a blessing. But to love an unrequited love is bitter tyranny; to love someone unworthy of one’s love, truly a misery. Only when one experiences this gamut of loves can one appreciate the spectrum of emotions that run from profound ecstasy to the blackest of melancholies… Here is a poem I wrote many years ago when experiencing one of love’s direst forms.

Les Adieux

“Drink!” You bade me and I drank down in a single draught
The glass you gave me, not thinking once
That the bitter tang of the wine was due to poison in it.

“Look!” You commanded, and I stared wide-eyed
Unheedingly at whatever I might see,
And even if the light burnt my eyes to cinders.

“Speak!” You asked of me and I told you all
The secrets that my heart dictated,
Not seeing how you had stopped up your ears.

“Hear!” You said, and I listened and felt your pain,
My heart writhing in pangs of sympathy,
Even if all you said was lies, and you were playing games.

“Goodbye…” You whispered as you slipped out secretly at night,
And in the darkness failed to see how I had been left behind,
Blinded, deafened, poisoned, betrayed…

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  1. So happy you had posted your poem both here and on Y360 today. I do not double post everything but it is certainly nice to have Blogger for my poems. I have many here I do not have on Y360.

    This is a very sad poem. Yes, you captured that feeling of one way love so well. It is such a hurtful thing we often avoid love all together to avoid that.

    Jacqui BB

  2. No chance to get access to your 360 blog! On the other hand it's really nice to meet you here, too, Nicholas ;) blogspot was my first blog I started...

    I love your poems, your english versions, but I'm also quite fascinated by you greek ones and I wished you would post a greek version video (read by yourself) one day... (it's my xmas wish ;)

    Hugs from Vienna
    Dag T