Wednesday, 9 April 2008


“Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.” - Heraclitus of Ephesus

The Ying and the Yang conspire within yet again, as northern hemisphere memories and southern hemisphere realities meld and vie for supremacy. The shade of gray that results will depend on the amount of white mixed in with the black. Heraclitus, that distant relative smiles and, yes it’s April once again…

April in the Antipodes

My heart stirs silently like a seed,
Swollen, its thirst slaked after a long Winter’s rains.
Green vibrant juices begin to flow
Under a cracking husk.
I feel within me rise Spring’s viridian sap;
Life awakens yet again,
The seed must germinate, the flower must bloom.
The clock within has struck the hour.

But all the Spring that I conceal within
Each April dies as Antipodean moon
Wanes, waxes cold, looking at me
Up in the sky fixed upended.

The burgeoning cotyledons every April will unfurl,
In cold grey Autumn skies and chilling winds
They find no shelter, no encouragement.
The first, emerald-green leaves will wither,
As yet another seedling lies shrivelled up, yellow, unfulfilled.
Sleep yet again my Northern April,
As Winter, Winter follows,
Spring merely poetic licence...

ἐκ τῶν διαφερόντων καλλίστην ἁρμονίαν…

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