Saturday, 24 October 2009


“Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.” - Vincent Van Gogh

Regrets and nostalgia are a potent mix of explosive emotional force. The past haunts and beguiles us. The moments of rare happiness write themselves indelibly on our heart while tears and pain are wiped away, softened, becoming hazy in the distant horizon. All the while the sun of remembered joy illuminates the watercoloured domain of nostalgic perfection. Missed opportunities, lost chances, evanescent happinesses, miseries of lonely nights disappear while bright springs, the newly-born feeling of first love, perfect summer days persist and torture us in the approaching winter of our old age.

A song from the past, remembered tonight. “Another Day”, by Roy Harper

The kettle's on, the sun has gone, another day.
She offers me Tibetan tea on a flower tray.
She's at the door, she wants to score.
She really needs to say.
I loved you a long time ago, you know.
Where the wind's own forget-me-nots blow.
But I just couldn't let myself go.
Not knowing what on earth there was to know.
But I wish that I had 'cause I'm feeling so sad.
That I never had one of your children.
Across the room, inside the tomb, a chance has waxed and waned.
The night is young, why are we so hung up in each other's jeans?
I must take her.
I must make her while the dove domains.
And feel the juice run as she flies.
Run my wings under her sighs.
As the flames of eternity rise.
To lick us with the first born lash of dawn.
Oh really my dear I can't see what we fear.
Standing here with ourselves in between us.
And at the door, we can't say more, than just another day.
And without a sound, I turn around, and walk away.


  1. This is one of the most beautiful songs i have heard lately. Thank you!

  2. I have never heard this song or artist...but I won't soon forget it either...I believe your words made it even more special...even to one who has no great nostalgic regrets as yet to speak of!

  3. Same like Wanda, I had never heard of this before. It is a gorgous song and makes me wonder what his other songs are like!!!!! I'll look him up on youtube.