Friday, 23 October 2009


“The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again.” - George Miller

Another day in Brisbane today, which went very well although it was very busy and full of meetings, negotiations and resolutions of issues. One gets a sense of achievement after days like this and in this case where a trip was involved, one may say it with even greater satisfaction as all the trouble has been worth it. At home tonight, to sleep in my own bed, always one of the pleasures of returning home. Another busy weekend ahead with more work on the book.

Tonight a recipe that I looked up on the net, as it was something that I had last night at the restaurant and which I liked.

Mushroom Pasta

250 g spaghettini
150 g mixed mushrooms
1/4 cup virgin olive oil
1 leek
black pepper
1 tablespoon fresh thyme leave, finely chopped
1/2 cup dry white wine
2-4 tablespoons heavy cream
parmesan cheese, grated to garnish

Boil some water for the pasta. Salt the water, add the pasta, and cook for about 8 minutes.
Wipe the mushrooms clean with a damp towel and thinly slice them.
Heat the oil in a large deep skillet over medium high heat. Add the mushrooms and cook until tender and golden, 7-8 minutes.
Meanwhile, halve the leek lengthwise and cut off the tough tops and trim off the root end. Thinly slice the leek, then wash in a large bowl of cold water, swishing the leeks vigorously and separating all the layers to free the grit. Let the leeks stand in the water for 1 minute, then scoop them out and dry on a clean kitchen towel.
Add the leeks to the mushrooms and season with salt and pepper and the thyme. Cook for 3-4 minutes more, then add the wine.
Cook for 30 seconds to reduce the wine a bit, then stir in the cream and heat through. Add the drained pasta to the mushroom mixture, toss to coat with the sauce, and adjust the seasonings. Top with grated cheese at the table.


  1. Funnily enough (!) we were at Cafe Corretto in Lygon Street just this day - so - the pasta in Brisbane is *really* as good as the pasta in Melbourne? Mushroom alla panna ...

  2. This sounds like a very nice recipe. I'll try it thank Nic!!!!