Sunday, 8 November 2009


“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.” - Julia Cameron

For Art Sunday today something different. In these days of the internet and high technology, the readiness with which we can lay our hands on information is quite astounding. Billions of facts and figures are only a click away and we can find some of the most obscure and recondite information in the blink of an eye. We can find people interested in similar things we are interested in, halfway around the world. We can listen to voices of friends in distant places, exchange almost immediate messages, send information instantaneously even to the Antipodes.

And yet there are still some things that remain difficult. For example, the painting you see above was sent to me several years ago by a friend as an attachment to an email. I had liked it then and saved it on my computer. Cleaning up my archived files, I came across it and to my irritation I had found that I had not kept any details of the painting, artist, where it was from. Having found it after all these years, I am glad to say I still like the painting, but now I am at a loss as to how to identify the artist who painted it.

I thought, how wonderful it would be if I could go somewhere on the internet and find an image search engine, where I simply upload an image and it does a search, comparing it to other images and it comes up with a possible ID. Wouldn’t you find that useful? I daresay, it may exist before not too long, if it doesn’t already exist.

I like the painting because primarily its colours and composition are pleasing to me. The blues, greens and turquoises shine out of the gloomy dark navy of the background, which even in itself is quite interesting visually. The interweaving of the pattern of the chaise longue with the real flowers is playful but sombre at the same time. The framing of the recumbent figure in flowers makes me think of death, funerals and the grave. Ophelia comes to mind, but so does Titania, or even Miranda to keep it all Shakespearean. The setting yellow moon in the distant sky and the dark blue poppies with the red centres are suggestive of sleep and oblivion. The face is interesting, but ever so sad. Betrayal is written on it, as is “Nevermore”, the eyes infinitely sad but devoid of tears, as if there were none left to cry.

I guess I can appeal to the readers of this blog! Firstly, do you like the painting? Secondly, do you know who painted it, and when? Who the sitter is? What the title of the painting is? Any other information about the painting?


  1. It's a lovely painting, though I've no idea who created does remind me too of some Shakespearean tragedy.

    Hope you manage to find out who the artist was.

  2. Oh that a beautiful painting, Nic! I love the colors and design and her face is so sad...
    I have no idea who the artist is, sorry.

  3. Nicholas, this is lovely painting and I share your appreciation of it. What a pity you didn't keep the details of the artist, etc.
    I have often wanted an image recognition search function on my browser. I guess if they have face recognition technology, an image analyser/searcher isn't too far off!
    Good luck with the search!

  4. pre-raphaelites? post-raphaelites?
    its very Arts and Crafts.
    The signature is to the extreme left of her elbow - enlarge it ?

  5. Well spotted, Ann oDyne!
    I was able to just resolve it:
    The artist is: Myrtille Henrion-Picco, and the title is: "De nos jours les humeurs vagues abondent" (2007).

    The title translates as: "Nowadays, vague moods abound".

    And thanks for Google, look at the treasure trove I found:

    Right here on Blogger!

  6. oh it's modern!

    the dress is a direct steal of William Morriss's 'blue fruits' pattern, and very Gustav Klimt too.
    I was also thinking of Rossetti, Burne-Jones, Millais - all that gang.
    For illustrative enlightenment, many happy hours can be spent slopping around the categories at
    especially I like their category 'Book Illustrations' for covers art and for old drawings.
    Pretty much anything can be found "right here on Blogger"' but your image verification search idea is something that will happen in the future and we will remember we read it here first.

  7. yep, i like it too
    image submission and search is a great idea