Wednesday, 16 December 2009


“Summer has set in with its usual severity.” - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The sun beat down in the city today and the predicted temperature maximum of 39˚C was reached by early afternoon. This very hot day came out of the blue, but thankfully tomorrow we are going back to a more manageable 25˚C maximum after a cool change that will come through overnight. Most people weren’t coping too well in the heat, but when I went out the sun felt quite pleasant and I was luxuriating in the summer’s fervid embrace.

The Summer’s Breath

The sun beats down melting the asphalt
The heat haze rising in shape-shifting undulations.
The crowd uneasy, ratty, dazed, scurries short-temperedly,
Looking for shade and cooling draughts, repose.

The city suffocates and breathless, dries up, languishes,
The buildings seemingly turning to wax, melting;
The cars inch along, like portable broiling ovens,
Roasting their occupants that sit basting in sweat.

The Summer’s breath like a dragon’s fiery exhalation;
The sun lashes down, scorching naked flesh.
The air, now still, now twisting in a windy down-draught,
Sears, burns and turns green blades of grass to dried hay.

My heart burns too, and mirrors summer sun,
My skin so cool, in some weird example of relativity;
My lips, though dry and parched, seek cooling kiss,
That will like ice, refresh, relieve, revive.

I take the early train and seek chilled recourse
In lover’s ardent embrace that annuls the heat outside.

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  1. It's 16F (-9C) here in Ohio, fairly cold. Another blogging friend is experiencing -48C in Alberta. What a difference!

  2. I too cannot feel sorry for such glorious heat when we've been having 0 degree Celsius weather of late. Yet, I must admit, 39 degrees is a bit much! What an odd Christmas for you all in OZ, but I suppose you're all used to it.

  3. It's so strange to have Christmas in summer, Nic. To me Christmas means cold and fireplaces and snow. To have it at the beach is very strange!

  4. What a beautiful poem! I can feel the heat and the ardour of it...

  5. I'm a little behind in my blog reading, but I'm glad I didn't skip this one. As I sit here in the chilly pre-dawn, I find it fascinating to think of the opposite side of the world where things are cooking, exactly like it will be here in six months.

    Beautifully and passionately expressed.