Friday, 13 June 2008

GREECE TRIP - DAYS 15b/16 - 10/11th June 2008

I was visiting a very famous man on the island, one who has made it synonymous with alternative health care and who has created and is in charge of an international centre for homeopathic education. The man is Professor George Vithoulkas who at 77 years still teaches in his International Academy for Classical Homeopathy and has time to write books and cast his influence far and wide in this branch of alternative medicine. The Academy is situated in a magical spot, atop a hill, about 2.5 km from Patitiri amongst olive groves, vineyards and pine forests.

Professor Vithoulkas is a very courteous, gentle man and his Greek hospitality was extended to me in its most generous manifestation. We held our discussions and dined together at Roussoum Yalos at typical Greek taverna where we ate some freshly caught fish and drank some excellent Greek wine.


I spent the day at Alonissos, one of the best parts of the day being watching the sun rise and walking through the deserted countryside first thing in the morning. The temperature was equable and just right for a walk, the smells of the summery fields absolutely amazing: Dried grass; herbs such as thyme, oregano, sage; blooming flowers including daisies, wild scented clematis, jasmine, acanthus; pine and schinum with a whiff of fig. Chickens clucking, roosters crowing, goats bleating were mingling with the sounds of the distant tinkling of bells around the necks of livestock and every now and then the chirping of birds overhead. A magical morning indeed!

Then travelling later in the day, getting back to the Athens and the hotel on schedule. A quiet night as the travel does tire one…

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